Abdominoplasty, often called a 'tummy tuck', is a surgical procedure designed to flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin.

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as a 'tummy tuck', is a surgical process that aims to reshape and firm up the abdominal area. It's a common procedure in the field of aesthetic skin care and is often sought after by individuals desiring a flatter, smoother stomach.

What Does Abdominoplasty Involve?

The abdominoplasty procedure involves removing excess fat and skin from the lower and middle abdomen. The surgeon tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall during this process. This surgery can dramatically reduce bulging caused by excess skin and fat, and loose abdominal muscles.

Why Consider Abdominoplasty?

People who have lost significant weight or women post-pregnancy often have stretched abdominal muscles and skin, which dieting or exercise alone may not be able to rectify. In such cases, abdominoplasty can help achieve a firmer, slimmer midsection.

Additionally, this procedure also works well for those who want to eliminate any genetic or age-related sagging in their abdominal area.This makes it an appealing option within aesthetic skincare for people seeking body contouring procedures.

Expectations from Abdominoplasty

It's essential to understand what an abdominoplasty can do. While it does remove excess fat deposits and tighten saggy skin, it's not primarily intended as a weight-loss tool. Instead, it's better suited for providing the finishing touches to a weight loss journey, complimenting the efforts of diet and exercise.

Remember that real expectations and a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon are vital before deciding to undergo abdominoplasty.

The Procedure

Abdominoplasty usually takes between 2-5 hours, depending on the scope of work to be done. During the procedure, a horizontal incision is made just within or above the pubic region. The length of this incision largely depends on the amount of skin that needs to be removed.

Following this, the surgeon works to reshape the abdominal contour by manipulating and reshaping your skin and muscles. Finally, any remaining skin is redraped and stitched into place.

Recovery from Abdominoplasty

Post-procedure, you might need to stay at the hospital overnight. Recovery time varies for every individual but generally speaking, one can resume normal activities within two weeks while full recovery can take several weeks longer.

Risks Involved

Like any surgical procedure, abdominoplasty also comes with risks such as infection, bleeding or reaction to anesthesia. However, these risks remain low when performed by a trained professional in an accredited medical facility.

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