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Transform Your Skin with Medical-Grade Microneedling in Tempe, AZ: The Secret to a Flawless Appearance

Worried about losing your youthful appeal as you age? There’s no longer a need for that, as our Microneedling treatment is an effective way to ensure both skin stimulation and regeneration through your body's natural healing!


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Nancy Park, RN, BSN is an expert aesthetic medical provider
Nancy Park, RN, BSN
Certified Aesthetic Nurse

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Effortlessly enhance your natural beauty by booking an appointment with Nancy Park today! Microneedling has become a sought-after process for many people all over the Phoenix area, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and other surrounding communities, and it can be tough to “perfect” the technique for optimal results. Microneedling will draw from your skin's natural ability to heal itself when wounded, allowing you to maximize the natural gifts of modern science that these times have blessed us with.

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How does Microneedling work?

Creates thousands of microchannels that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process, while minimizing skin damage

When small punctures/holes are created in your skin, and the body will naturally heal them to provide you with a more youthful look. It’s the perfect way to naturally enhance your appearance! Collagen and elastin fibers are grown whenever our skin becomes damaged to replace what was lost, and the Microneedling treatment maximizes that skin-healing potential.

There is no pain involved with microneedling, and there isn’t even any downtime to consider. It’s not a major operation and will always leave your skin looking tighter, vibrant, and more youthful as a whole! The key to brighter and healthier-looking skin can come down to lifestyle changes at times, but the majority of people reading this will benefit from going through a microneedling procedure.

Microneedling Benefits

You may be interested in the specifics, as there are several reasons why people turn to Microneedling for their skin conditions (some of which would include):

  • Acne Scarring (Mild to Moderate)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging Skin
  • Reduction of pore size
  • Stretch marks
  • Rosacea
  • Melasma
  • UV-Ray Damage
  • Hyperpigmentation

This is regarded as an incredibly safe operation, one which produces little to no side effects. Not only that, but you can even use Microneedling regardless of your skin type/color - nobody is left out of the equation when it comes to our Microneedling services in Tempe!

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Microneedling Treatment Areas

The individuals who would benefit most from this treatment may not seem obvious at first, as people think it’s reserved for your face. Thankfully, Microneedling is perfect for the face, neck, or even chest! Some of the most ideal candidates for Microneedling are those dealing with:

  • Acne scarring
  • Trauma scars
  • General skin damage (wrinkles/roughness)
  • Sluggish/sagging skin
Microneedling Before/After Photos
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Additional Information About Microneedling

Sometimes you will hear others referencing Microneedling with a different term called CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy). This minimally invasive skin care treatment is done using very tiny needles, creating hundreds of “microchannels” (which are holes in layman's terms) on your skin. Collagen growth is promoted whenever your skin is damaged, and by minimally “damaging” your skin, we’re able to improve upon its health and appearance.

This can lead to the reduction of many unsavory sights, such as blemishes, fine lines, acne scars, and even stretch marks. If firmer and youthful-looking skin is something that you crave, Microneedling could be the perfect option for you.

SkinPen: The First FDA-Approved Device for Microneedling

We use SkinPen®, the first FDA-cleared microneedling device

Nancy uses the SkinPen device on her Microneedling patients. This is a handheld device storing 100% sterile and disposable syringes. In the era of washing your hands 20 times a day, it’s nice to know that Nancy is always keeping her customers' health in mind! Using the SkinPen, Nancy can effortlessly apply her Microneedling process to anybody that needs it - we should also point out that SkinPen microneedling is the only FDA-approved device/process on the market right now for this particular purpose.

SkinPen is the only device specifically designed to avoid any cross-contamination.

The SkinPen allows Nancy to maximize your Microneedling through:

  • Shorter needle penetration, allowing clients to improve upon the smoothness of their skin
  • Longer needle penetration, which is necessary for treating deep acne scars and other “major” skin blemishes

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What Can I Expect from the Treatment?

To start things off, your treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using a topical cleanser. After that, a topical numbing agent is applied to ensure that you’re comfortable for the entire procedure (this can take about 10 to 15 minutes).

From there, a special serum formulated just for Microneedling is applied to help the SkinPen glide over your skin with ease. You’ll likely associate the microneedling with a slight “vibration” in your face/treatment area - most people think of it as a tingly massage. Your treatment area will bleed slightly throughout the process, but don’t worry! That’s completely normal.

All of these mini-punctures will gradually build-up, and after about an hour of Microneedling, your skin will be ready to heal! If you have a darker skin tone, you can expect the redness to go away within an hour or two - if you have lighter or sensitive skin, it may last as long as a few days.

Are you ready to make a change for the better and grip onto your youthful appearance for as long as possible? We offer all of the microneedling benefits without forcing customers to pay an inflated microneedling price.

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Microneedling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Microneedling painful?

Typically, microneedling is a little uncomfortable with depths needed for scar revision, but this is managed easily with a topical numbing gel placed on the skin prior to treatment. The sensation is usually described as a slight vibration and a massage with a tingling sensation. Lighter treatments are compared to brushing sandpaper across the skin.

What are the after-effects of Microneedling?

Your skin may be mildly flaky or dry following treatment. Milia (small white bumps )may appear in the treated area. You may have temporary redness (similar to a mild sunburn) for three or four days. Any freckles in the treated area may lighten and/or disappear in the treated area; this may be temporary or permanent. In rare cases, small scabs or areas of hyperpigmentation can form.

How much does a Microneedling treatment cost?

The price per treatment for Microneedling with SkinPen ranges from $350 to $500, depending on areas treated, with substantial savings when purchased as a bundle pack of 3.

How can I best prepare for treatment?

To prepare for your treatment, do not take any medications that could thin your blood, including Advil, aspirin and Excedrin, as well as Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil for 2-7 days before treatment.

Hydrate yourself thoroughly by drinking lots of water the day before and the day of treatment. Eat before your appointment. Do not drink alcohol prior to your appointment. If you happen to develop a fever, rash, blemish or infection in the target treatment area, contact us to postpone your treatment.

How does this compare with at-home microneedling devices?
Dermaroller vs SkinPen

Medical doctors and industry professionals generally discourage the use of "at-home" DIY microneedling devices. The needles on consumer devices are too short to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and achieve effective results. Moreover, there is a risk of infection and other complications by doing it yourself. Professional microneedling treatment with an FDA-cleared device like SkinPen is the safer and more predictable way to get the results you want.

Who is NOT a good candidate for Microneedling?

Microneedling is not suitable if you:

  • used Accutane within the last three months
  • have open wounds, cuts, abrasions
  • have undergone radiation skin treatment within the previous year
  • are suffering from any skin infection, condition, or herpes simplex in the area of concern
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have any history of keloid or hypertrophic scars or poor wound healing
Can I go in the sun after my Microneedling treatment?

Avoid exposure to direct sun for 5-7 days after treatment. Needless to say, this includes tanning beds. After treatment, once the redness and flaking have subsided, you may resume sunbathing or sunless tanning. (Always protect your skin against sun damage by applying sufficient SPF sunblock.)

When will I notice results?

After a single treatment you may notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance, although normally it takes 3-6 treatments to see optimal results. Your skin will continue generating new collagen after your treatments for up to one year.

How often should I repeat Microneedling treatments?

Microneedling recommendations vary depending on the condition of your skin, but we normally recommend about 3 to 6 sessions for maximum results. We advise letting your skin heal for 4 to 6 weeks between sessions before undergoing an additional microneedling session.

How long do results last?

New tissue formation can continue for up to a year after a session. Once you achieve desired results, we recommend maintenance sessions once or twice a year.

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